Where's my WriQ Score?

18/07/2019Texthelp Support 2
Where’s my WriQ score? The WriQ score is determined by a number of factors.  If any one of those factors is significantly out of the norm for that grade, it can skew the overall WriQ score to a point that it is no longer valid.   ...

End User License Agreement for WriQ

21/05/2019Texthelp Support 2
Please click the following for our  End User License Agreement for WriQ . ...

How to deploy apps and extensions through the Google Admin Console

16/05/2019Texthelp Support 2

How to access the WriQ dashboard

15/05/2019Texthelp Support 2
The WriQ dashboard can provide valuable feedback about student progress. To access the WriQ dashboard, you can click on the three horizontal dots  on the upper right hand side of the WriQ tab  when in a Google Doc. From that drop ...

Upgrading from the WriQ add-on

15/03/2019Texthelp Support 2
If you have previously utilized the WriQ add-on in Google Docs, you will now notice that you receive the following message when trying to use it: This is because we have released an updated version of WriQ, which comes in the form of a...

Getting Started with WriQ

13/03/2019Texthelp Support 2
The WriQ extension is a Google Chrome extension that helps teachers instantly assess student writing and provide valuable feedback, all done seamlessly through Google Docs. Adding the WriQ Extension To begin using the WriQ extension, you&rsquo...

How to add the WriQ extension

13/03/2019Texthelp Support 2
To add the WriQ extension , first navigate to the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome This will then prompt a popup, click Add extension to add the WriQ extension to your Chrome Browser. If this is your first time adding the WriQ...

Data security

12/03/2019Texthelp Support 2

What is WriQ?

12/03/2019Texthelp Support 2