Fluency Tutor for Google

Getting Started with Fluency Tutor

03/12/2020Texthelp Support 2
A starter guide for Fluency Tutor for Google. This article will show you how to add, setup, and use Fluency Tutor for Google.

Deploying Chrome Apps and Extensions with Group Policy

02/19/2020Texthelp Support 2
To deploy Chrome apps and extensions for Windows using Group Policy, please see Set Chrome app and extension policies (Windows)

URLs For Whitelisting Texthelp Products

11/12/2018Texthelp Support 2
URLs to whitelist for Texthelp products

Fluency Tutor For Google Is Not Showing Up In The Chrome Store

12/11/2017Texthelp Support 2
How to add fluency tutor

How To Deploy Apps And Extensions Through The Google Admin Console

09/21/2017Texthelp Support 2
For instructions to deploy a Chrome app or extension to your users through the Google Admin Console please read Automatically install apps and extensions from Google Chrome Enterprise Help.

Upgrading To Premium Features And Renewing Your Subscription

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
How to upgrade to premium features

App Is Unreachable Message

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
App is unreachable

File Sharing Issue

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
File Sharing Issue

How Do I View Student Profiles?

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
How To View Student Profiles

How Do I Create Content

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
How Do I Create Content