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Can Multiple Teachers Share The Same Student?

Teachers using Fluency Tutor for Google can share students only if they are using Google Classroom.  If you haven't already connected Fluency Tutor for Google with Google Classroom, check out this article on how to import students from Google Classroom. 

To update your classroom click on Update from Classroom

Update from Classroom

It will ask you which class you would like to update (you can update multiple).

Classroom list

Click on Update Class Roster and any student in that class will now be listed in your Fluency Tutor for Google dashboard. You can see your class when you click on Students.

Your classes

To see each student in that class click on View Students.

Student list

In this example “user name 10032” is part of another class that uses Fluency Tutor for Google and will be listed in both teachers' dashboards with the same history.

Student list

Note: If the teacher is sharing via Google drive and the student is already associated with a teacher, then that student will not show up under Students.

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