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Getting Started with Fluency Tutor

This guide will show you how to install Fluency Tutor for Google, activate your license, and add students to your dashboard

Installing Fluency Tutor

To install Fluency Tutor for Google individually on a device*, go to This will prompt you to choose an account. 

*Note: Fluency Tutor for Google can only be used with the full Chrome browser on a PC, Mac, or Chromebook

Choose an account

After that, allow the permissions by clicking Allow.

fluency tutor permission


Once Fluency Tutor for Google has been added, you will be asked to identify as either a Student or a Teacher. 

Who are you? Student or teacher?

Select Teacher and you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. If you selected Student by mistake, you can change your account to a teacher by clicking on Settings and Change Account. 

You will then be brought to the Fluency Tutor for Google Dashboard.

Fluency Tutor dashboard

Activating Fluency Tutor for Google With Your Product Code

When you purchase Fluency Tutor for Google, we will email you your Product Code. Once you’ve received your Product Code you can activate your license.

  1. When activating your license, you must be signed into Chrome with the account you intend to use for the subscription. To check to make sure you’re signed in with the correct account, type chrome://settings in the address bar and that will show how you’re signed into Chrome. This email should also be the same email that you selected when first adding Fluency Tutor for Google. 

  1. Once you’ve verified that you’re signed in with the account to be used with Fluency Tutor, click on your Google Plus photo in the top right corner of the Fluency Tutor dashboard. 

Fluency Tutor activation tab

  1. Click on Activate License and enter in your Product Code.

Activation window

Adding Students to your Dashboard

There are three ways to add students to your Fluency Tutor account. 

Please note: Students should go to and allow permissions.

  1. Have students enter in your Class Code:

    1. You can find your Class Code in the bottom left corner of the dashboard                                                   Fluency Tutor Class code

    2. Students enter in that code by going to Settings and My Teacher Window for students to link to a teacher

  2. Share a passage with a student via Google Drive

    1. Click on Share Passage and select one of the many passages that come with Fluency Tutor for Google

    2. Click on the Google Drive icon in the top right corner and enter in the students email

    3. Student will need to open their Shared with me folder in Google Drive in order to open the passage.

  1. Sync your Fluency Tutor for Google account with Google Classroom:

    1. Click on Students on the right hand side

    2. At the top of that page you will see “Using Google Classroom?” with a link to click on Link to sync with Google Classroom

    3. This will bring you to a page where you can select the classes you would like to sync with Fluency Tutor for Google

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