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Getting Started With The WriQ Add-in for Word

WriQ is a Word Add-in that helps teachers instantly assess student writing and provide valuable feedback, all done seamlessly through Word. The WriQ Add-in will only work on Word documents that are saved to your OneDrive. 

To begin using the WriQ Add-in, you’ll have to first add it to Word through the Office Add-in store. 

Open up a Word doc and click on Insert then Add-ins. 

Search WriQ in the STORE and click Add.

This will pop up WriQ on the right hand side and you will be asked to sign in. This will open a new sign-in window.  


Sign in with your Office 365 email account and allow permissions. 

If you do not have a WriQ account, you can register by clicking on Complete registration at the top of the WriQ Add-in. 

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