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Deploying The WriQ Add-in for MS Word

This article will show you how to deploy the WriQ Add-in to your organization. 

Centralized Deployment is the recommended and most feature-rich way for most admins to deploy add-ins to users and groups within an organization. For more information on how to determine if your organization can support Centralized Deployment, see Determine if Centralized Deployment of add-ins works for your organization.

  1. In the admin center, go to the Settings > Add-ins page.
  2. Select Deploy Add-in at the top of the page. On the overview page, select Next.
  3. Select an option and follow the instructions.
  4. If you selected the option to add an add-in from the Office Store, you can now make your add-in selection.
    NOTE: With the Office Store option, updates and enhancements to the add-in will automatically be made available to users without your intervention.
  5. On the next page, select Everyone, Specific users/groups or Just me to specify who the add-in is deployed to. Use the Search box to find the users or groups who you want to deploy the add-in to.
  6. Select Deploy.
  7. A green tick will appear when the add-in has been deployed. You can follow the on-page instructions to test that the add-in has deployed successfully.
    Note: Users may need to relaunch Office to see the add-in icon appear on the ribbon of app. Outlook add-ins can take up to 12 hours to appear on users' ribbons.

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