Purchasing online as a new customer

How many product licenses can I buy?

You can buy single licenses for as many users as you like, however if you are buying more than 10 single licenses, you could benefit from extra cost savings so please  contact us here.

How can I pay?

You can pay using credit / debit card or  by purchase order (by simply uploading a purchase order in PDF or Word format). Purchase orders will be verified by our finance team.

What details will I need to pay online?

You will need to provide us with your billing address as well as your credit / debit card details or an approved purchase order in either MS Word or PDF format.

Please note that these details are for billing purpose and products can be used by a different end user for each license.

Get started

You can get started by visiting my.texthelp.com and logging in, using either your Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account. This allows us to tailor your experience and also allows a faster payment process for you.


If you don’t have one of these accounts to login you can contact us here for extra assistance.

When logging in for the first time, we ask for  your country so we can provide our prices in the correct currency. Next time you login you won’t need to do this.


After clicking ‘continue’ you’ll arrive at your customer portal where you can buy new licenses or generate sales quotes. To buy new products select the “Buy Licenses” button.


Buy licenses

By clicking “Buy licenses” you can buy multiple, single licenses for Read&Write, EquatIO and Fluency Tutor.

A single license is a subscription for one user, for one year.


To add products to your cart click the green “Add to license” button

You can buy single licenses for as many users as you like, however if you are buying more than 9 single licenses, you could benefit from extra cost savings so pleasecontact us here.

To buy multiple licenses containing different products (e.g. 1 license with Read&Write and then 1 license with Read&Write + EquatIO) you should contact us.



If you are paying by credit card, click “Pay Now” and you’ll be prompted to enter your card details.

To pay by purchase order click the “Pay by purchase order” box then upload either a PDF or Word document detailing your approved PO. This will be reviewed by our finance team when you click “Pay Now”.

Once you have successfully paid you’ll see the below screen, which is your customer portal detailing the licenses and products you have bought and their renewal dates.


You can visit the customer portal to manage or buy licenses at any time by clicking the “My texthelp” link at the top of the page.