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FAQs For Buying & Renewing Online

Where can I find a step by step guide for the buying or renewing online?

New customers see our guide for purchasing online as a new customer

Existing customers see our guide for renewing online as an existing customer


What payment methods can I use to buy or renew licenses?

You can pay using credit / debit card or by purchase order (by simply uploading a purchase order in PDF or Word format). Purchase orders will be verified by our finance team.

What details do I need in order to buy online?

You will need to provide us with your billing address as well as your credit / debit card details or an approved purchase order in either MS Word or PDF format.

Please note that these details are for billing purpose and products can be used by a different end user for each license.

Why do I need to sign in before I buy, renew or manage?

Signing in allows us to personalise your experience by pre-populating some of your details for information such as email and location.

By selecting your country as part of this process we can provide you with the relevant currency and pricing for your region.

How do I get a sales quote?

Getting a sales quote  works the same way as purchasing, except you don’t give us your payment details. After signing in and telling us what you are interested in we’ll provide you with a downloadable PDF. Get started with a sales quote here.


How can I buy multiple licenses containing different product combinations?

At our online store you can buy multiple licences, but each license must contain the same combination of products e.g. 3 licenses all containing Read&Write, Fluency Tutor and EquatIO.


To buy multiple licenses with different product combinations you can either:


  • Buy one license at a time: After buying one license you’ll be taken to your customer portal. Click the “Buy Licences” button and repeat the purchase process choosing the products you want to include in your second license.
  • You can also request multiple licenses with different product combinations by contacting us here


I signed in, but the license I want to renew is not in the list?

If you visit and do not see your existing licenses listed under “My Licences” it is due to your email address. The account that you used to sign into uses an email address that does not match the one associated with your license.  


E.G. if you choose to sign into with Facebook, then the email address on your Facebook account must match the email address that we have associated with your license (this would be the email address used to purchase the license originally).

Still need help? Contact us here