Getting Started with WriQ

WriQ is a Google Chrome extension that helps teachers instantly assess student writing and provide valuable feedback, all done seamlessly through Google Docs. WriQ is also a writing achievement tool used to assess and motivate student writing while providing automated meaningful feedback and delivering a standardized benchmark for grading.

Adding the WriQ Extension

To begin using the WriQ extension, you’ll have to first add it to your Google Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store. Open a Google Doc and a WriQ Welcome window will popup.

If you are a teacher, you will need to identify yourself. Once you do that, it will open up the WriQ tab on the right side of the document.

WriQ Tab Image

Students will need to click on "Lets Get Started". This will show the student how to use WriQ to assist their writing. 

If you accidentally identified as a student when you are a teacher, you can switch your account by following these instructions.

Grading Basics

Grading can be toggled on and off by clicking on the slider at the bottom of the WriQ tab. Turning grading on will underline the errors in varying colors based on type. You can clear an error, or change its type, by clicking on the error. Changing an errors type, or clearing it, will automatically update the student's score.

You can open and close the grading panel by clicking on the arrow at the top of the WriQ tab. 

The grading panel shows the student’s name, and allows you to select their grade level and the genre of the writing. You will also be able to use a custom rubric that you created for licensed students.  It also shows the number of errors by type, the vocabulary age of the student and the amount of time the student spent writing.

You also have the choice to grade the student using a rubric. The rubric is based on the grade level and genre you chose for the specific piece of writing. You also can skip this step if you'd like to.

You can click on the plus sign (+) to see more information about a specific option.


Once grading is completed, you’ll see a summary of the errors, the rubric scores, as well as an area for direct feedback. Something new to the WriQ extension is the WriQ score; for more information about how this score is calculated, please see this blog post.

Once you are done grading, you can save the score to your WriQ dashboard by clicking on the save button, as well as insert the scores directly into the student’s Google Doc.

If the student edits the Google Doc after you've scored it, you can always go back and re-grade and re-insert your scores.

For a video overview of the basics of the WriQ extension please see this introductory video.

Student experience

Students will see the WriQmeter within their Google Doc. The WriQmeter will instantly track how long they can write for, before taking a pause or stopping (a writing burst). This will also allow students to visualize their writing progress in real-time.

The student can see more information when they click on the expand icon.

This expanded window will show the students writing burst statistics, keywords that are written, subject area, and word cloud.

The Subject Area pie chart shows by percentage how often you write in each of the major subject areas.  

The Word Cloud shows you which words you are using most often - the more often you use a word, the larger it will appear.