Installing the Take Home Version

For the Read&Write 11 Take Home Version, a folder named is required. Once you have the folder, please follow the instructions below to extract and run the program.


  1. Double click the folder that you received from your school or organization

  2. Click Extract all files

  3. Select a destination to extract the files to – Desktop is recommended

  4. Click Extract

  5. A folder named Setup will be created in the location chosen in Step 3

  6. The Setup folder should open automatically – if not just double click it to open

  7. Click the Setup.exe (Application) file

  8. The Wise Installation Wizard will now open (Important: An internet connection is required)

  1. When the installation completes, you will see a Read&Write 11 icon on your desktop

  2. Click on the Read&Write 11 icon to start the program     

  3. The Read&Write Activation screen will appear - click the Activate button


Note: If the Activation Code field is empty, you do not need to enter a code. Just click the Activate button and this will start up Read&Write.


If you click Skip Activation, your copy of Read&Write will expire after 25 uses before the program must be activated.


  1. You will see a message that Activation was successful and Read&Write will start up

Note: If you’re asked for an Activation Code, please contact your school or organization.