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  1. Extensions required for Read&Write for Google Chrome

    There are three extensions and an app that are all part of the Read&Write for Google Chrome product: The Read&Write for Google Chrome, Screenshot Reader, and Texthelp PDF Reader extensions and the Texthelp PDF Reader Drive App.
  2. New to Read&Write for iPad?....How to use it

    Read&Write for iPad is an alternative keyboard for your iPad. It offers several friendly tools to help if you’re writing emails, creating documents or entering and editing any kind of text.
  3. Read&Write For Windows Needs Admin Approval When Signing In

    How to give admin approval in Azure for Office 365 sign-in to Read&Write for Windows.
  4. How To Set The Default PDF Viewer In Drive

    How To Set The Default PDF Viewer In Drive
  5. How To Deploy Apps And Extensions Through The Google Admin Console

    For instructions to deploy a Chrome app or extension to your users through the Google Admin Console please read Automatically install apps and extensions from Google Chrome Enterprise Help.
  6. How to sign out and disconnect from Chrome

    There may be an occasion where you’ll need to sign out of Chrome and disconnect your account to get extensions working. Please follow the instructions in the Google Chrome support article Turn sync on or off in Chrome.
  7. The Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar doesn't open

    If you click on either the Read&Write for Google Chrome web toolbar icon or the Google Docs or Slides toolbar tab and the web toolbar and/or Docs/Slides toolbar don't open, it's likely that permissions haven't been fully granted for Read&Write for Google Chrome.
  8. Activating A Single License With A Product Code

    How can I activate Read&Write for Windows or Mac, Equatio and Fluency Tutor with a product code?
  9. How do I switch languages with Read&Write for Google Chrome?

    Read&Write for Google Chrome can be used with language localization in a few languages (with more to come!) where you can change the dialogue to be setup in another language.
  10. Deployment Option 2 - Using The Multi-User Setup Tool

    How to use the Multi-User Setup Tool for your Group or Unlimited Read&Write for Windows installation.
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