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Auto-Correct and Auto-Complete in WriQ in Google Docs

The Smart Compose (auto-complete) and Auto-Correct functions in Google Docs will impact the WriQ Student Experience in the following ways:

  • Though autocorrect will automatically correct the spelling of a completed word, the WriQ BurstMeter will recognize that the word was initially misspelled and it will not count towards the total number of words in a burst.  At the conclusion of the burst (a pause of two seconds or more), the BurstMeter will flash yellow, and shake back and forth a bit to alert the writer to a misspelled word.

  • Words added by Smart Compose will not count towards a Burst total.  The BurstMeter will only count words that are typed out in full by the writer.


  • To turn off Smart Compose, go to the Tools menu, then select Preferences.  Then uncheck "Show Smart Compose suggestions."

  • To turn off Autocorrect, to go to the Tools menu, and uncheck "show spelling suggestions.

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