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Sharing A Passage With Comprehension Questions

To require Comprehension Questions when sharing a passage with Fluency Tutor for Google,  select a passage you would like to share with your student from the passages within Fluency Tutor.

Note: Comprehension Questions can only be added with passages included with Fluency Tutor for Google 

Click on the Set Share Options icon in the top right corner.

   Setting icon

Under Reading options, select Require students to answer comprehension questions and then click on Confirm.                                     Passage settings


Then select Share with Google Drive or Google Classroom

Drive and Classroom share icons

This will automatically send the comprehension questions to the student along with the passage.

  • After the student passes in their recording for you to score, you can look at the comprehension responses by clicking on the information icon under Metrics. These questions will be automatically scored.

  Comprehension questions information icon

This will bring up the comprehension results. 

 Comprehension results

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