I Get An Error When Trying to Share a Passage: No application with ID "939870422462" is installed

If you see an error No application with ID "939870422462" is installed when trying to share a passage using Fluency Tutor for Google

No Application Error

You may see this error if Google Drive hasn't updated the permissions on your new Fluency Tutor for Google passage just yet.

You can share the file with your students by locating the newly created passage in the FluencyTutor folder on your Google Drive account.

  • Go to Google Drive and open the FluencyTutor folder. You will see folders for each month that you’ve shared passages.
  • Open the folder that contains the passage you want to share
  • Locate the passage
  • Right click on the passage name and choose Share

We also recommend making sure that Chrome is up to date:  

Type chrome://help in the address bar and apply any available updates