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I Keep Getting The Error "EquatIO Is Not Available On This Page"

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
EquatIO is not available on this page error message

What Features Are Free VS. Premium In EquatIO?

Information on free features vs premium features in EquatIO

Inserting Geometry Symbols with EquatIO

Using EquatIO to insert symbols such as Congruence, Line Segment, Approximately, Perpendicular as well as many more Geometry symbols

Prediction Options Using EquatIO

Toggling between Math, Chemistry and Formula Prediction in EquatIO

Activating Your EquatIO License

How to activate your EquatIO licence

How To Allow Camera Access For EquatIO Mobile (iPhone)

How To Allow Camera Access For EquatIO Mobile (iPhone)

Deploying EquatIO For Windows

Guide and options for deploying EquatIO to Windows machines

Deploying EquatIO For Mac

Guide on how to deploy EquatIO on Mac

Keyboard Accessibility On EquatIO

Keyboard Accessibility On EquatIO

EquatIO Discoverability On The Web

EquatIO discoverability on web pages containing math, allowing you to read, copy, and create accessible math directly from webpages.
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