EquatIO for Desktop Supported Operating Systems and Word Versions

09/26/2017Texthelp Support 2
Supported Operating Systems and Word Versions for EquatIO

Read your math aloud

01/11/2018Texthelp Support 2
Math that has been inserted to a Google Doc using EquatIO can be read aloud using the Read&Write for Google Chrome extension Once you have inserted your created equation or mathematical expression into a Google Doc using EquatIO, Read&am...

Math Prediction Guide

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
EquatIO gives you the ability to type Math, Chemistry, and full formulas and symbols quickly and easily using our Math Prediction . Simply turn on the desired prediction you want in the Math Options menu, and begin typing - EquatIO will do the...

Allowing or removing permissions - EquatIO

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
EquatIO requires certain account permissions in order to access Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Forms. There are a total of 4 permission windows for EquatIO to gain full access, shown below in the order that they appear. Google Docs: ...

30-Day Free Trial of Premium Features

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
EquatIO is a freemium/premium product, which means that there is a free version and a paid version. The free version gives you access to all key features that enable you to make math digital, while the premium version offers additional features th...

EquatIO Extension Is Disabled Permissions Required

Granting permissions for EquatIO extension on Google Chrome

Increasing math font size

02/05/2018Texthelp Support 2
When creating math expressions or equations using  EquatIO, you can increase the size of your insertions by going into the EquatIO menu located on the left hand side of the toolbar, selecting Options and then selecting the Math Options tab...

Speech Input Commands

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
EquatIO allows the creation of math expressions using your voice through the Speech Input tool. Simply click the microphone icon to pull up the Speech Input tool, then select the red Record button, and begin speaking! EquatIO's speech inp...

Using Math Prediction for multiple equations

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
In order to use P rediction for multiple equations, users will currently need to write each equation out in the Equation Editor , copy & paste that text into the Google Doc (which will show up as LaTeX) and then re-paste all 3 equations back...

Creating and Inserting Basic Mathematical Expressions Without Prediction with EquatIO

07/10/2017Texthelp Support
Using EquatIO without using Math Prediction to insert an exponent, create a fraction or mixed number, square roots, and subscript, as well as listing some additional commands into your Google Docs