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Upgrading To Premium Features And Renewing Your Subscription

Once your trial of Fluency Tutor for Google ends or your subscription has expired, you will only have access to the free features of the app.

The premium features can be accessed if you upgrade to the premium version.

Premium features include:

  • Scoring and reporting on students’ recordings to calculate words correct per minute (WCPM), percentage of words correct, Miscue Analysis (Hesitations, Pronunciation errors, Omissions, Substitutions, etc.), and more.

  • Creating a student fluency running record including a list of students’ recordings and a visual graph of WCPM, fluency score, and other statistics over time.

To upgrade to Fluency Tutor for Google Premium visit Register or login using either Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

If you are renewing a subscription, the account above must use the same email that you previously used to purchase the product. 

Once you have purchased you’ll receive a product code use this code to activate your premium license of Fluency Tutor by following these simple steps:

1. Open the Fluency Tutor app

2. Click on the user profile image in the top right and select “Activate License


Drop down menu after clicking on your Google plus profile icon showing

3. Enter the code above in the box provided:


Activation field for your product code

Please note: your 1-year subscription has started, so don’t lose any time by not activating these license codes!

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