Datadesk Analytics

We are now happy to announce the inclusion of analytics into Datadesk. Similar to the feature management section of Datadesk, analytics can now be seen by connecting with Google Classroom. Once connected, and a class selected, you will be able to see usage data for a specified time period. You can even export this data as a CSV file for further analysis.

 datadesk analytics screen

A few things to note: 

  • After visiting and signing in, educators will need to accept the permissions to allow connection with Google Classroom. Once complete they will see a list of their classes. 
  • Click the Analytics tab at the top of the screen followed by the class and/or students you would like to see usage data for. Once selected click the Get Data button. Depending on the time period and number of students selected this could take a couple of minutes to generate.
  • The date range that data is available is from August 10th, 2019 onward. 
  • Datadesk Admin Analytics are only available to administrators - Teachers will only see Teacher Analytics