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Data Desk Teacher Analytics

Similar to the feature management section of Data Desk, Teacher Analytics can now be seen by connecting with Google Classroom. Once connected, and a class selected, you will be able to see usage data for a specified time period.

You can even export this data as a CSV file for further analysis.

To access Data Desk click here or use

Note: If you can’t see Teacher Analytics in your dashboard, you must have Google Classroom linked to your Chrome account.

Please read Data Desk Admin Analytics for information about Admin Analytics

To display data, you can use Quick Date to select from the current or previous day, previous week or month, last 7 or 30 days or you can select a Date From and Date To range to get data for a specified time period.

Once the date range is selected, click the Get Data button and the charts and graphs will display

For information about events, please read How are Data Desk events calculated?

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