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How Are Data Desk Events Calculated?

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Events are calculated one of two ways: 

On click, or on use.

On-click events  are tools such as Highlighting, the Vocabulary List Builder and Screenmasking. 

This means that each time one of these icons are clicked, it counts as an event. 

For example, if you see 1,000 Screenmasking events, this means students have clicked the Screenmasking icon 1,000 times over a given time period.

On use events count when an icon is clicked, but also when it is used. 

For example, the Dictionary, Prediction, Picture Dictionary and Translator tools all count as an event when clicked, but if they remain open another event will be counted each time they are updated. 

If a student opens the Dictionary, then looks up two different definitions, that would accumulate 3 events - one for opening the Dictionary and one for each definition looked up. 

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