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How do I Deploy the Read&Write for iOS App to Multiple Devices?

If you want to deploy the app onto multiple devices, the first step is installing the free app onto them all. This can be done either by each device accessing the regular app store and downloading it individually, or you can use an MDM solution in conjunction with the Volume Purchase Program to push the app out to all your devices at once.

Once the app is installed, you can unlock the premium features in the following ways:

Please Note; With Read&Write for iOS version 1.2.3, it is now possible to license Read&Write for iOS using your MDM client. Below are steps on how to do this;

  • If your MDM client supports pushing out a key and value for apps, use the following inputs;

    • Use RWSerial as the key and either your Serial number or Product code as the value

    • If you are using JAMF use this;

  • Push this file across all your devices using your client

If your MDM client does not support the above, please use the methods below to license your users.

  1. Read&Write Domain License

 If your site has a Read&Write domain license, things are simple. You can just deploy the app to all your devices using whatever deployment method you normally use (probably MDM), and inform each user to sign in with either Microsoft or Google (if your organization has a G Suite for Education domain).

  1. Read&Write desktop Serial Number or Product Code

The second method involves emailing your users with a link to click. The link must be in the following format:


Where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is your site’s serial number or product code. You can use the email template below to send out to your users, or you can, for example, make this link available on an intranet site. The specifics of how you distribute the link will vary according to how your site is set up. When the user taps the link (please note, the app must be installed BEFORE they do this), Read&Write will open, and their device will be linked to the serial number.

Email Template

 For users to authenticate Read&Write for iOS, we recommend creating an email with the following text and embedded link:

Please install Read&Write for iOS by going to the App Store before clicking the link below to activate. Once Read&Write for iOS has been installed on your iOS you will then need to activate the app.

To activate Read&Write for iOS, please click here

Note: You will need to edit the embedded link above with your Read&Write site license  or product code as shown below:


 Note: Do not add http:// or https:// at the beginning of the link

 Note: For security purposes we recommend masking the site license serial number or product code when sending the link so as not to compromise the Read&Write Site License serial number or product code. (Whichever you're using)

If, for whatever reason, you cannot use this mechanism, you need to enter the serial number or product code manually on each device.

In App Purchase

Apple does not support the volume purchasing of In App Purchases. For this reason, this method of gaining Premium access is not recommended for sites, however it may be the most convenient if you have a very small number of devices. In App Purchases are linked to an Apple ID, which can be shared between up to 5 devices, so you will have to Buy the IAP on each device individually. If the devices are linked to the same apple ID, you will not be charged more than once, but you still have to press the buy button and log in to the app store on each device. This method really should only be used if no other method is suitable, as it will be very inconvenient for more than a small number of devices. It’s been added to the app more for single users than sites. 

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