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Deploying The Microsoft Naayf Voice

  1. Download the correct Language pack ISO (Arabic - Saudi Arabia) from Microsoft Volume Service Center which will be based on the Windows 10 build number. For Microsoft Partners download from MSDN  
    1. See also for more ways to download language pack

    2. Using Microsoft Volume Service Center

  2. Save the language pack cab files to a network folder location

  3. Create a script that installs the language pack

    1. Add package

    2. Eg. Dism /online /Add-Package /PackagePath:”D:\x64\LangPacks\”

    3. The Script should check if language pack is already installed and not attempt to install if so

    4. For the Windows 10 Saudi Arabia language pack containing the Microsoft Naayf voice, 3 cab files must be installed.  An example of what these CAB files look like is as follows:




  1. Use Group Policy to push out this script and run as elevated for each user on login to Windows


Language updates have a specific order they need to be installed in. 

For example, to enable Cortana, install: Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack, then –Basic, then –Fonts, then –TextToSpeech, and then –Speech, in this order. If you’re not sure of the dependencies, it’s OK to put them all in the same folder, and then add them all using the same DISM /Add-Package command.

Example of command line installation using DISM for installing the Saudi Arabia language features, font, and text-to-speech cab files from a desktop folder below

Command Line Example

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