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Installing The Arabic Microsoft Naayf Voice

  1. Select the Windows start button and select Settings.

Windows Settings Button

  1. Choose Time and Language

Time and Language

  1. Select Region and Language

Region and Language

  1. Select Add a language then choose Arabic

Add Language

  1. Choose the Arabic (Saudi Arabia) language and install. When installation has finished you will return to the Region and Language page.


  1. Select the Arabic (Saudi Arabia) language and choose Options

Options Button

  1. Under Download Language pack, select Download then under Speech select Download

Download Language Pack

  1. When downloads are completed under Speech the download button will be replaced with a Settings link

Settings Link

  1. To confirm that Microsoft Naayf has been successfully installed, under Speech select Settings then under Text-To-Speech, Microsoft Naayf should be in the list of voices.

Default Voice

  1. That is it, you can now select the Microsoft Naayf for use in Read&Write

Read&Write Speech Settings

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