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ClaroRead Dictation/Voice Control

Voice typing command

What you can say

Stop or pause voice typing

Pause voice typing

Pause dictation

Stop voice typing

Stop dictation

Stop listening

Stop dictating

Stop voice mode

Pause voice mode

Delete last spoken word or phrase

Delete that

Erase that

Ignore that

Select last spoken word or phrase

Select that

Note: If a word or phrase is selected, speaking any of the “delete that” commands will remove it.

Punctuation commands

Use voice typing commands to insert punctuation marks.

The following list tells you what you can say. To view supported commands for other languages, change the dropdown to your desired language.

To Insert this

Say this

begin/open single quote

end/close single quote



minus sign



exclamation mark/point


number/pound sign


dollar sign


Percent sign


ampersand, and sign


left/open parentheses


right/close parentheses






period, full stop


ellipsis, dot dot dot


forward slash




question mark


at sign, at mention


left/open (square) bracket




right/close (square) bracket


caret symbol




backquote, backtick


left/open (curly) brace


vertical bar sign/character, pipe character


right/close (curly) brace


tilde symbol

open quotes

close quotes


pound sterling sign


yen sign

euro sign


plus sign


less than sign, left/open angle bracket


heart emoji


equal sign


greater than sign, right/close angle bracket


plus or minus sign


multiplication sign


division sign


section sign


degree symbol/sign

paragraph sign/mark

new line

new/next line

new paragraph

new paragraph



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