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How to use the Forms Creator Feature

While using Google Forms, select the ‘Forms Creator’ icon on the Equatio toolbar.

In the popup window, you will be asked to complete a total of three fields: Number of Questions, Topic, & Academic Level.  

First, enter the ‘Number of Questions’ that you want your AI Texthelper to create inside the Google Form.

The maximum number of questions is 20.

Next, enter a specific topic of curriculum.  This can range from the most basic level of math to the highest level of mathematics. The character limit for the ‘Topic’ box is capped at 50.

Sample topics for elementary aged students include: order of operations, rounding whole numbers, comparing fractions, and more.

Sample topics for middle grade students include: solving two step equations, dividing integers, converting rational numbers to decimals, and more.

Sample topics for high school aged students include: evaluating expressions, solving proportions using cross products, multiplying polynomials, and more. 

Sample topics for higher education students include: limits & continuity, logarithmic equations, differential equations, and more.

Finally, type in the ‘’Academic Level’ for the ability of the students you are creating content for.

This can range from Kindergarten to Higher Education courses.

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