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Installing Additional Voices

We have a number of additional voices that you can download and install for Read&Write for Windows.  To do this:-

  1. Go to our Essentials Website and enter your Product Code.

  1. Once logged in, go to Read&Write for Windows > Additional Voices

Essentials Read&Write for Windows

  1. Download and install the voice you want to add to Read&Write.

  1. When the voice has been installed, open Read&Write.

  1. Click on the Settings button, then Show more settings...

Read&Write Settings

If you're using the Read&Write for Work toolbar, click on the Settings button and then Settings.

Read&Write for Work Settings

  1. In Read&Write settings, go to Speech and select the voice you installed from the Voice drop down list.

Speech Settings

Read&Write will now use the new voice you installed.

List of Available Windows Voices

Arabic Male Tarik

Australian Male Lee

Australian Female Karen

Brazilian Portuguese Female Lucina

Chinese (Mandarin) Female Tian-tian

Dutch Female Claire

French Canadian Female Chantal

French Canadian Male Nicholas

French Female Audrey

French Male Thomas

German Female Anna

German Male Yannick

Hindi Female Lekha

Italian Female Alice

Irish Female Moira

Indian English Female Veena

Norwegian Female Nora

Polish Female Ewa

Portuguese Female Catarina

Russian Female Melina

Scottish Female Fiona

South African Female Tessa

Spanish Female Monica

Swedish Female Alva

UK Female Serena

US Female Allison

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