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ReachDeck Version Management

In v3.1.0 we introduced a dynamic toolbar loader that will detect if a toolbar version has been specified for your site in the ReachDeck Customer Portal and it will load that specific version on your site. If a specific version hasn’t been selected then you will always receive the most up-to-date version of the Browsealoud toolbar. 

We have implemented Sub-resource Integrity (SRI) as standard on both the toolbar loader file and the toolbar component making integration much more secure and simpler to implement.

To get the secure dynamic toolbar loader file and to implement version control on your toolbar:

  • Log into the ReachDeck Customer Portal

  • Select your contract then, select the URL you wish to change by clicking on it.

  • Navigate to the Toolbar Setup section, this is where you can choose to load either a specific toolbar version or remain as “Always latest”

  • If you make a change please select save and finish.

  • Your Code section now contains the dynamic toolbar loader script which you should copy and place on your site just before the closing body tag. 

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