What Is SRI Used For In Browsealoud?

SRI stands for Subresource Integrity

This is a way for website owners to ensure that any third party JavaScript (in this case Browsealoud) has not changed since they integrated it on their site.

SRI puts extra parameters on the Browsealoud code, a hashcode that represents the contents of the file. If the Browsealoud script ever changes, and it does not match this hashcode, the browser will refuse to load it - ensuring full security for the Website owner and end user. 

The SRI code is version specific , so when you are implementing the Browsealoud script on your site you need to choose a specific version of Browsealoud (we recommend the most up to date version). 

Please note: If Browsealoud is updated, you will need to change your code to the latest version. We will let you know when this is happening prior to the update and is very easy to do.