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Using The Texthelp PDF Reader In Chrome With Office 365

The Texthelp PDF Reader can be used with your Office 365 account in Chrome to open PDFs and use the available tools with the reader:

  • Text to speech
  • Dictionary/Picture Dictionary
  • Screenshot Reader
  • Translator
  • Highlighting
  • Vocabulary
  • Annotations
  • Drawing Tools

All the same features are available in Office 365 as in Google, with the exception of:

  • Voice Notes in comments
  • Attaching images and links in comments

*Office 365 users will need to install/deploy Read&Write for Google Chrome additionally if they want to use Read&Write with an Office 365 account.*

Table of Contents

How do I get started with the Texthelp PDF Reader with Office 365?

You can add the Texthelp PDF Reader extension to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store or it can be deployed by an administrator.

Once the extension is installed, the first time you open a PDF you will be prompted to sign in with either Google or Microsoft. 

Select Sign in with Microsoft then sign in with your Office 365 account: 

When prompted, accept permissions.

After adding the Texthelp PDF Reader extension, you'll be taken to the Texthelp PDF Reader dashboard. 

*Open from Google Drive and Install PDF Reader App only applies to users authenticating with a G Suite account*

Once you've signed in, you can choose Additional Options and select Open Web PDFs. When that is selected, PDFs will automatically open in our viewer.  This option is not required.

You can also right click on the PDF Reader icon and choose "Options"

In Options, select Open Web PDFs

*Classroom Integration and Open Classroom PDFs Directly are used with Google Classroom only and are not used with Office 365*

Click the X in the upper right corner to close the dialog box

If you choose not to select that, PDFs will open in a preview window in another tab. That page will have a Texthelp PDF reader icon in the top-left corner which will allow you to open the PDF in the Texthelp PDF Reader.

open with texthelp PDF reader

What types of PDFs does the Texthelp PDF Reader work with?

PDFs in OneDrive, PDFs on the web, and locally saved PDFs.

How do I open a PDF from OneDrive?

Once you have the Texthelp PDF Reader extension installed, you can open PDFs with the Texthelp PDF Reader directly from OneDrive.

In OneDrive select a PDF then right-click on the selected PDF and choose Open > Open in browser: 

Or you can select a PDF and choose Open > Open in browser from the menu at the top of OneDrive:

If PDFs do not open in the Texthelp PDF Reader, check that Open Web PDFs is selected in Options - (see Options

Do highlights and annotations save automatically?

Yes. All highlights and annotations save for PDFs in OneDrive, web PDFs and local PDFs.

How does collaboration work?

Collaboration works only with PDFs opened in OneDrive. Highlights, annotations and comments will be visible to any other users with whom that PDF has been shared in OneDrive.

Is the PDF Reader localized in other languages?

Yes. All the same languages are available in Office 365 as in G Suite.

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