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Using OrbitDoc In Chrome With Office 365

The OrbitDoc can be used with your Office 365 account in Chrome to open PDFs. This support article will show you how to add the extension and authenticate with your account. 

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How can I use OrbitDoc with Office 365?

You can add the OrbitDoc light extension to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

Once the extension is installed, go to OneDrive, open up a PDF and select Open in browser

You can also right-click on the selected PDF and choose Open > Open in browser: 

You will see the OrbitDoc icon in the top right corner of that page and when you click on that icon you will be prompted to sign in with either Google or Microsoft. 

Select Sign in with Microsoft then sign in with your Office 365 account: 

When prompted, accept permissions.

Once you allow permission, the PDF will open in OrbitDoc.

What types of PDFs does OrbitDoc work with?

PDFs in OneDrive, PDFs on the web, and locally saved PDFs.

Do highlights and annotations save automatically?

Yes. All highlights and annotations save for PDFs in OneDrive, web PDFs and local PDFs.

How does collaboration work?

Collaboration works only with PDFs opened in OneDrive. Highlights, annotations and comments will be visible to any other users with whom that PDF has been shared in OneDrive.

Is OrbitDoc localized in other languages?

Yes. OrbitDoc can be localized in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

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