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Using Read&Write For Windows With Respondus LockDown Browser

Read&Write for Windows can be used with Respondus LockDown Browser to read exam content while maintaining the security of the testing environment.


  • Ensure that you have updated Read&Write for Windows. The minimum version of Read&Write that can be used with Respondus is 12.0.64. You will not be able to use Read&Write with LockDown Browser on older versions of the software.

  • Be sure to keep Read&Write open for the duration of the exam. If the toolbar is closed, you will not be able to reopen it until the exam is completed and LockDown Browser is shut down.

  • Be sure the user has opened and closed Read&Write at least once before using it with Respondus LockDown Browser.

Using Read&Write with Respondus LockDown Browser

  1. Open Read&Write (this must be done prior to starting the exam and opening LockDown Browser)

  1. When LockDown Browser starts, Read&Write will automatically go into Locked Browser Mode. 

This will limit the toolbar to only those features approved for use and supported in LockDown Browser.

Respondus LockDown Browser has been detected message

  1. Click OK to continue.

  1. You can now use Screenshot Reader to read exam content, and Screen Masking to tint your screen or underline your cursor.

Using Screenshot Reader in Respondus LockDown Browser

Using Screen Masking in Respondus LockDown Browser

Voice settings are also available by clicking the settings button on the right side of the toolbar.

Voice settings screen

  1. When the exam is finished, click the X to close Read&Write.

Locked Browser Mode can also be manually enabled for other exam scenarios by going to Settings > General > Locked Browser Mode and clicking Start.

Read&Write General Settings

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