Signing into Read&Write with your workplace email address

If you’re using a single user license of Read&Write in your workplace  and can’t use one of the other sign in options, we’ve added an extra sign in option to Read&Write.   This option allows you to sign into Read&Write using your workplace email address and your Read&Write Product Code.  

 Once you’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of Read&Write, you can sign into Read&Write by following the steps below:-

  1. Click the icon on the top of your Read&Write toolbar

  1. Click on My Workplace email

  1. Enter your workplace email address and Read&Write Product Code, then click Continue.

Be sure to take a note of the email address you’ve used as this email address can’t be changed at a later date.

When the sign in is successful you’ll see the message below.  Read&Write is now ready to be used.