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Activating Read&Write For Windows On Offline Computers

We have provided a way for you to sign into and activate Read&Write for Windows Single User licenses on computers that are offline.  This option is available in Read&Write for Windows 12.0.71 and above.

To activate Read&Write on an offline computer, you will need an internet connection on another computer.

If you are using a Group or Unlimited license and your computer is offline, please contact us  .

To activate Read&Write offline:-

1. Open Read&Write on your computer.  

2. Click the More button on the Read&Write tab at the top of your screen.  

More button   

3. Click the Offline Activation option.  

Offline Activation option   

4. A link will be displayed.  Copy this link to a machine that has an internet connection.  

Copy link   

5. Paste the link into the browser on the computer that has an internet connection.    

6. Enter the details for this license and click on Generate.  

Enter details page   

7. Select the location that you want to save the file to, then click Save.  

Save As Window   

This can be saved to a USB so it can be used on the offline computer.  

8. On the offline computer, Click on the More button on the Read&Write tab and select Import License.  

Import License   

9. Browse to and select the zip file that was created on the online computer. This could be on a USB or location that the offline computer can access. Do not extract the zip file before selecting it.  

Read&Write will now be activated.  

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