How To Use The Texthelp Google PDF Reader With Google Classroom

If you are using Google Classroom you can use the Texthelp PDF Reader to turn in an assigned. To use this feature, teachers and students must have the Classroom integration option selected.

Domain administrators

These settings can be pushed out to all users. Please see Pushing Out Default Settings For The PDF Reader Extension

Enable Classroom Integration

To enable Classroom integration with the Texthelp PDF Reader, right click on the PDF Reader extension icon and select Options.

Texthelp PDF Reader Options

In Options tick Enable Classroom Integration

Enable Classroom Integration

The Open Classroom PDFs Directly option should also be selected

Click the X button to close the Options window

The next time a PDF is opened with the PDF Reader you'll be prompted to grant permissions.


First make sure that Enable Classroom Integration and Open Classroom PDFs Directly are  selected in the PDF Reader Options.

To assign a PDF in Classroom, open a PDF and you'll see the Classroom button on the right side of the Texthelp PDF Reader toolbar.

Classroom button

Click the Classroom button and choose the class that you'd like to assign the PDF to.

Then select from the Choose action dropdown:

  • Create assignment
  • Ask question
  • Make an announcement
  • Create material

Choose action option

Once your selection is made, click the Go button

After creating a title and adding instructions, select Make a copy for each student if you want students to turn in the assignment directly using the PDF Reader.

Make a copy for each student option

Click the Assign button.

Students will be notified about the assignment through Classroom.

Opening PDFs with Texthelp PDF Reader in Classroom Student Work Window

When assigned PDFs are annotated and returned by students they will appear in the Classroom Student Work window

To open PDFs with the Texthelp PDF Reader, click on a PDF that has been turned in for the assignment 

It will then open a new tab in the PDF Reader


First make sure that Enable Classroom Integration is selected

Once Classroom Integration is selected, students can then open PDFs that are assigned through Classroom using the Texthelp PDF Reader.

Click Open to view the assignment.

 Open button

Click on the file name to open the PDF.

Click on the PDF title

Handing in an assignment with the PDF Reader

When finished with the assignment, click the Hand in button on the right side of the Texthelp PDF Reader toolbar.

Hand in button

Then click the Turn In button in Classroom to send the assignment to your teacher.

Turn In Button