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ScanPen Android

ScanPen Android lets you read aloud the text in images - either photos you take or images on your phone or tablet. This is helpful if you have any problems with reading, such as dyslexia.

How to use

Open the App and take a photo. Wait a moment while it is analysed. Then drag your finger over the text you want to read and it will be read aloud.

You can open photos from your phone or tablet too.

Use the Share button to send all the text in the image to another person or App.

Open Settings to change:

  • Voice. Choose a different voice and how fast it should speak. Tap on More Voice Settings to open the voice settings for your Android device: ScanPen uses the system voices and you can get lots more from Google, Samsung and other vendors.

  • Camera. Turn the flash on to get clearer pictures that will be analysed more accurate.

  • Text selection. Change the colour of the text as it is read aloud and also how you select it - a line at a time, or drawing an area.

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