Scan a PDF for reading using Read&Write for Windows

If you’ve scanned a document from a scanner to a PDF, it may produce an image that will need to be OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) in order to be readable by Read&Write. Read&Write already has an option to OCR PDFs so they can be read back with our PDF Reader.


To scan a file:-

  1. Click the Scan button on the Read&Write toolbar.


  1. Click the Scan from file option.


  1. Drag and drop, or browse to select the file that you want to scan and select the type of file you’d like to create.


  1. Click the Scan button.


  1. Windows Explorer will open with the Save As option. Choose a name and location for the file.


When scanning has completed, the new file can be opened and read using the PDF Reader option in Read&Write.