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Troubleshooting Legacy uPAR


Locating a students Legacy protocol results if they logged in by email not by protocol name.
Steps to locate a students Legacy uPAR results if they logged in by email and not by protocol name
I can't set up a Legacy uPAR assessment for students that have a higher independent reading level then their grade level.
Set up an assessment in legacy uPAR for students with a higher independent reading level
Is there a way for me to see which passages a student read when they took the Legacy uPAR reading assessment?
Directions on how to view what passages a student read in Legacy uPAR.
Can more then one Educator be associated with a Legacy uPAR assessment?
Only the single educator that created the Legacy uPAR protocol assessment can be associated with the assessment.
Legacy uPar assessment questions are not matching the audio.
Slow internet and using the back button may cause the questions and audio to be out of sync
Does Legacy uPAR have Lexile levels for reading passages and what method does uPAR use to get them to grade level?
Lexile levels and Legacy uPAR
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