How Do I Block Text With The Texthelp PDF Reader In Google Classroom

If you’d like to block text from being read with the Texthelp Google PDF Reader for testing or other purposes, the Highlighting tool has a Block read aloud button. 

*This feature requires using Google Classroom and enabling Classroom integration for the PDF Reader. Please read Enable Classroom Integration

Block Read Aloud

  • Open a PDF (from Google Drive, Google Classroom, etc.) 

 Google Drive

  • Select Open with Read&Write for Google Chrome™ if prompted

Open with window

  • Click on the Highlighting button on the Texthelp Google PDF Reader toolbar and select Block read aloud and select the text that you want to block from being read

Block read aloud option

  • The text that is blocked will then appear as strikethrough in the PDF on the teacher’s view (students will not be able to select text to be read with the Texthelp Google PDF Reader Play button)

PDF Reader window

Strikethrough text

  • Repeat as needed to block other text in the file. 
  • When students in your class access the PDF with the Texthelp Google PDF Reader, the selected text will not be read. 

To clear blocked text, select the text and then click the Highlighting button and then click the Clear Highlights buttonClear Highlights

Please watch our Video of Read&Write for Google Chrome™ - Block Read Aloud.