How can I buy it

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
Snapverter is available for Group or Domain purchases of Read&Write for Google. It is not currently available for single user licenses. 

My Snapverter dashboard is showing an error message

13/12/2018Texthelp Support 2
If you are seeing these popup windows in your dashboard: You will need to refresh your cache by pressing Ctrl + F5.  If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you will need to clear cache and cookies by copy and pasting chrome://se...

How do I manage group users for Snapverter

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
First add Snapverter to your account. You can install it from the Chrome Web Store . Once Snapverter has been added click on the Chrome Apps Launcher to open the Snapverter Dashboard .   The Snapverter Dashboard will ope...

It says I have no more credits left

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
If you’re using a  trial account of Snapverter and your file is not converting, you may be getting a message 'N o more credits left for conversion' . With a trial account of Snapverter you have 10 initial scans, followed by 1 ...

My Daisy book won't convert

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
If you have a Bookshare or Daisy book that won’t convert with Snapverter, first make sure it’s a zip file. If the file is unzipped, it needs to be zipped before you can put it in your Drop files here to convert folder. ...

User terms for Snapverter

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are under the age of 13, you must not use Snapverter without first getting your parent or guardian to agree to these User Terms as described in clause 3.4. Please take time to read the provisions below c...

Opening the dashboard from Chrome apps launcher

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
You can use the Chrome Apps Launcher to access the Snapverter Dashboard. Click the Apps Launcher icon from the Chrome browser located in the upper left On Chromebooks the Apps Launcher is also lo...

Snapverter is not showing up in the Chrome Store

11/12/2017Texthelp Support 2
If you are using the Chrome browser on a Windows or Mac machine, only extensions will appear in the Chrome web store. In order to install Snapverter, go to and allow permissions. This will add the Snapverter folders to your ...

Google failure emails

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
If you have received error emails about Snapverter, titled Summary of failures for Google Apps Script: Snapverter this does not necessarily indicate a problem with Snapverter. Google will periodically send you emails to summarize events from scrip...

I have duplicate folders

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
If you have multiple Snapverter folders in Google Drive or there are multiple folders inside the original Snapverter folder: Delete the most recently created Snapverter folders in your Google Drive account ...