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Read&Write 11.5 (Windows)

Read&Write Version 11.5 - End of Support

05/28/2021Texthelp Support
Is Read&Write v11.5 supported?

Read&Write 11.5.8 Security Update

08/13/2019Texthelp Support 2
How to install the important security update for Read&Write version 11.5.8.

Read&Write versions 10.0 and 11.0 - End of Support

10/11/2018Texthelp Support
Texthelp provides five years of product support from the general availability date, in line with that policy, support for Read&Write versions 10.0 and 11.0 ended on 1st October, 2018. What does End of Support mean? End of support means that Te...

Using Read&Write v11.5 Teacher's Toolkit

04/25/2018Texthelp Support
Please watch this video to see how to setup the Teacher's Toolkit with Read&Write v11.5.

Features In Read&Write v11.5 That Require Internet Access

10/30/2017Texthelp Support
This article outlines the features in Read&Write v11.5 that need Internet Access.

How To Move Your Read&Write v11.5 Settings To A New Computer

07/06/2017Texthelp Support
If you need to move your settings for Read&Write v11.5 to a new computer this can easily be done by following the steps in this article.

Why Am I Getting A Message 'The activation code is invalid’ With Read&Write v11.5?

07/06/2017Texthelp Support
You may see this message when you open Read&Write for the first time after you receive your new computer. This can happen when an activation file contains an incorrect serial number. To resolve this issue follow the steps in this article.

I Can’t Get My PDFaloud Buttons Enabled

07/06/2017Texthelp Support
Why PDFaloud buttons may be greyed out and what to do if they are.

I Can’t Find The Read&Write v11.5 MSI To Deploy Across My Network

07/06/2017Texthelp Support
Instructions on how to download the Read&Write v11.5 MSI.

Using A Terminal Server With Read&Write v11.5

07/06/2017Texthelp Support
How to install Read&Write v11.5 on a Terminal Server.
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