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Data security

Data Security/Rights, Gathering of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Safety

Is your resource COPPA compliant?


Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, Privacy Policy for Texthelp Products.

Do you require that parent/guardian must grant permission for students under 13?

Because the district will already have secured this permission for the use of Google Apps, and WriQ can only be used with Google Apps we do not require this separate permission.

Do you collect and store personally identifiable information (full name, age, DOB, email address, gender, location, Student ID)?

We collect and store the students Google UserID (email) and their name.

This is to allow us to display the information on the teacher dashboard.

Is this information displayed publicly?

No.  Never.

Is this information not sold to third parties and used only for educational purposes?

The information is never sold or shared to third parties.

The information is only ever used to deliver the functionality of the product which is to help teachers assess students writing.  

Do users have the ability to delete accounts and all data?

Yes - Teachers can request that all data be deleted.

They can do so through the Feedback link.

Does your resource have a chat feature that:


...Is public?

Not Applicable - No Chat.

...Cannot be or is not actively monitored?

Not Applicable - No Chat.  

Do you display inappropriate ads that contain...

We have a strict no ads policy.

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