Using TeamViewer

To allow us to connect to your machine please click the link below to start downloading TeamViewer.

TeamViewer download link

You will see the following screen when you connect to the website

Teamviewer Downloading Screen

When TeamViewer opens you will see a screen with an ID and a Password which will allow us to access your computer

Teamviewer User ID and password

(Note: The password is only valid for the current session. Once the session is closed access to your computer is not allowed without a password which is randomly generated for each session)

For instructions to open and run TeamViewer on a specific browser please choose your browser

Using Chrome:

Once the download completes in the lower left corner of your screen

TeamViewer download file

Click the dropdown arrow on the right and choose Open

TeamViewer download file 2

Using Firefox:

Choose Save File to save the file in Firefox Downloads

TeamViewer Firefox download

When the download completes, click the Download button in the upper right on the Firefox toolbar

TeamViewer Firefox download file

Using Internet Explorer

Teamviewer Internet explorer file

Once the download completes, click Run

Using Microsoft Edge

Once the download completes, click Run

Teamviewer Edge Run option

Using Safari

Click on the Safari download button in the upper right corner of the Safari browser window and then double click on the download box to open the program

Teamviewer Safari download

Click Open to run the program

Teamviewer Safari download file option