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How To Use Snapverter With Google Drive's Mobile App

You can use Snapverter on your smartphone or mobile device to take a photo of a worksheet or textbook page, and convert it into an accessible PDF. Here are instructions:

1. Open the Google Drive app - Make sure you have installed the free Google Drive app on your device, from the App store or Play store.

Drive app icon on phone screen

2. Find your Snapverter folder - This should be right in the My Drive section of your Google Drive account.      

Snapverter folder within the drive app on phone


3. Open the Drop here to convert folder        

Drop here to convert folder within drive app on a phone

4. Touch the + button in the lower right corner of the screen

Drop here to convert folder with plus sign that uploads a file

5. Choose Use Camera

Camera icon that allows you to take a picture and upload it to the Drop here to convert folder

6. Take a photo and select Use Photo

Picture of a page taken by camera on a phone

7. Open your Finished Snapverter folder

Note: It could take a few minutes for the conversion process to complete.

Picture of page now a PDF file in finished folder

When the conversion has finished, you'll see your photo has been converted to an accessible PDF that’s been OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition).

You can also then open the PDF on your computer or Chromebook, and use Read&Write for Google to read and work with the text.

Picture of page now converted to a PDF being viewed in Texthelp's PDF viewer

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