Using Read&Write for Exams in the UK

This article explains how Read&Write for Windows can be used for exams in PDF format. 

Note: This is specific to the UK version of Read&Write.

In order to use Read&Write for PDF exams in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, the following must be installed:

  1. PDF Aloud for Adobe

  2. Text to speech voices 

Getting set up

  1. Go to the Texthelp Essentials website 

  2. Enter your Product Code (note: you must be using a UK product code)

  3. Click on the Read&Write for Windows option on the left

  1. Click on PDF Aloud for Exams from the menu on the left

  2. Download and run the PDF Aloud for Adobe plugin to install PDF Aloud

For admins: If you wish to deploy PDF Aloud to multiple machines on your network, use the “PDF Aloud for Adobe MSI” download link

  1. Download and install any of the individual voices that students may want to use to read the exam 

Using Read&Write on the exam

  1. Open Read&Write for Windows and go to the Settings menu

  2. Choose Show more settings

  1. Go to Speech

  2. Select the voice that will be used to read the exam.  Note: Make sure you have installed this voice from Essentials (see steps above).

  1. Close Read&Write 

  2. Open the exam in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

  3. Go to Tools and  scroll down to bottom and locate PDF Aloud toolbar 

  4. Click Open


Adobe Reader Tools Window

The PDF Aloud toolbar will then appear in the Reader document view. Use the text to speech controls and speech settings here to read the exam content.

Adobe with PDFaloud

Please Note: Reader DC doesn't support plugins with online PDFs so only downloaded PDFs can be read with PDF Aloud.