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Unlicensed Users Seeing Read&Write for Google Chrome Toolbar

This information pertains to any sites using a Group License with Read&Write for Google Chrome

If an unlicensed user - a user that is not in the group - is seeing the extension, there are a few potential causes:

The user denied the extension

This will block our checks so we can't tell that the extension should be hidden. Users who want the extension hidden must allow the extension access so it can check our servers.

  • To allow the extension access, click on the R&W puzzle piece in the toolbar:

Read&Write for Google Chrome icon

  • You’ll see the Permissions Request screen pop-up:

Read&Write for Google Chrome Confirm Permissions

  • By clicking Accept you allow the extension access so it can check our servers.

The user isn't actually logged in under that account

  • If you have multiple Google accounts, such as a school email address and a personal email address, you might want to set up separate Chrome profiles for each Google account. This allows you easily switch back and forth between them, and keep your bookmarks, extensions and other account information separate. Details on how to do that can be found in the Google Support article Sign in to multiple accounts at once
  • A firewall is blocking requests to (More information about whitelisting URLs can be found in URLs for Whitelisting Read&Write for Google Chrome/Texthelp PDF Reader)
  • You can install the Read&Write for Google Chrome Diagnostics Tool from the Chrome Web Store. The diagnostics tool can check firewalls and can also help confirm the user is actually logged correctly.
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