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Students accessing blocked sites via Github

We are aware of an issue with students accessing blocked sites via the Github option on the Microsoft sign-in window. 

Read&Write for Google Chrome directs users to Microsoft’s sign-in as one of the ways to authenticate with the extension, and Texthelp does not have the ability to control or alter how this page is displayed or what options the user is presented with. 

Microsoft’s sign-in opens in a webview window, and browser-based web blockers are often limited in their ability to lock these down.

 We would recommend the following options to prevent students from accessing blocked sites:

1. Block student access to the Microsoft sign-in option (recommended approach for Google schools), by blocking this URL:


Please note: blocking this link will prevent users from being able to authenticate with Microsoft, but if you have a Google domain that won't have any effect on that authentication.

2. Block student access to on your firewall or router 

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