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Creating The Read&Write v11.5 Take Home Version

If you have a site & home license for Read&Write, you can create a Take Home version of the software for students to install and use on their personal computers.

Below are some instructions to create the Take Home version of Read&Write.

Please note that your site license of Read&Write needs to be installed first on the computer that you will use to create the Take Home version.

  1. Go to the Essentials website.
  2. Enter your Read&Write site license serial number
  3. On the Home screen, click on Create A Take Home Version
  4. Click Download Create Take Home Tool

Essentials site- Take Home option

  1. Save the file to a convenient location like your Desktop or Downloads folder
  2. Right click the file
  3. Choose Extract All to extract the TakeHomeSetup.exe file (by default, this will extract to where the download was saved in Step 6)
  4. Click the TakeHomeSetup.exe to begin the setup file
  5. Click Next to start the Installation Wizard
  6. Create a Take Home Version Password
  7. Click Next to install to the default location
  8. Click Next to beginTake Home successfully installed
  9. Click Finish to close the Installation Wizard
  10. Go to Start > All Programs > Texthelp > Site Utilities > Take Home For Download > CreateTakeHomeVersion
  11. Enter the password created in Step 11 into the Create A Take Home Version login screen
  12. Enter your Read&Write 11 Site License serial number and click OK
  13. If you wish to create a Take Home Access Code (optional) click the Generate Access Code button
  14. Click the Browse button to select the location for the Take Home Version (Desktop is recommended)Take Home install options
  1. A folder named will be created in the location chosen in Step 19
  2. Click OK to exit
  3. A window will open to the location of the file - this is the folder that is given to Take Home users

Users without internet access

For users without an internet connection, a Take Home Version For Distribution can be

downloaded. On the Essentials website, click Additional Installation Options > Create A Take Home Version > Click the link “If your students do not have a home internet connection, click here”

Please contact Technical Support for further instructions for creating the Take Home version for students without internet access.

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