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Read&Write 11.5.8 Security Update

As part of our commitment to security, we have released an update to Read&Write for Windows version 11.5.

To find out how to access and install the update, choose from the options below.

NOTE: For school or organizational licenses, an Administrator will need to complete these steps.

I have a single license of Read&Write

  1. Ensure you are on version 11.5.7 of Read&Write.

To check your version, click the dropdown arrow next to the purple puzzle piece on your toolbar and going to About.

If you are not on version 11.5.7, click on “Click here to check for updates on the internet” to automatically update.

  1. Once you are on version 11.5.7, you will need to click the following link to download and apply the security update to version 11.5.8.

I am an administrator for a school/organizational license of Read&Write

  1. This update to Read&Write will require your machines to be on the .NET 4.7 framework. Click on the following link to download the .NET 4.7 framework

  1. Please ensure you have updated your installs of Read&Write to version 11.5.7. A list of patches for versions 11.5.1 - 11.5.7 can be found in our article titled Read&Write 11.5 Patch Downloads.

  1. Click on the following link to download the security update to version 11.5.8

If your license includes Take Home access, it is recommended that you create a new Take Home build of Read&Write 11.5.8. Please see Creating the Read&Write 11.5 Take Home Version for further instructions.

Additional FAQ about the update

When do I need to update by?

Please ensure you have completed this update by September 30, 2019. 

Will my Read&Write still work after this date if I don’t update?

After September 30, your users may experience some issues with Read&Write features if the update has not been applied. This includes:

  • Paragraph translator

  • Prediction word banks

  • Speech Maker

Additionally, if you have a single license of Read&Write you may experience issues when activating your software for the first time or after a reinstall.

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