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How To Scan A PDF For Reading Using Read&Write v11.5

If you’ve scanned a document from a scanner to a PDF, it may produce an image that will need to be OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) in order to be readable by Read&Write 11. Read&Write already has an option to OCR PDFs so they can be read back with our PDFAloud feature.

Here’s how to scan a file using Read&Write 11:-

1. Open Read&Write 11 and locate the Scan button

Scan Button

2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Scan button and select Scan from file(s)

Scanning Drop down list

3. Click the Scan button and choose the file that you wish to scan

Multipage Scan Window

A dialog box will appear for multipage documents with the option to select the range of pages to be scanned.

Please Note:- Published files may be secure and not allow any modification. If this screen does not appear, then the PDF has been secured by the publisher and cannot be OCR’d. Please contact the publisher for an accessible version of the file.

4.Select the pages you want in the file and click Scan

5. Windows Explorer will open with the Save As  option. Choose a name and location for the file or overwrite the old file. Your OCR’d PDF will now open in the PDF Aloud viewer and is ready to be read!

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