Recommendations for using the MSI Admin Tool

A Silent Install can be performed by using either via the Setup.msi or Setup.exe with the Read&Write for PC MSI Admin Tool.

The MSI Admin Tool has options for setting the user interface level if installing via Setup.exe.

 If installing via Setup.msi directly then it is recommended to run the MSI with the command line switch either /qn or /qb for a silent installation. Other Microsoft Command-Line Options are available.

The Setup.exe is what is known as a bootstrap executable file. It's purpose is to install pre-requisites required by the target software. In the case of Read&Write this would be Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.7.

The MSI just contains the Read&Write software.

As a result if you install via setup.exe the following happens:

1.Setup.exe installs .Net Framework version 4.5.

2.Setup.exe then installs the Setup.msi

If installing via Setup.msi directly then Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.5 does not get installed and therefore becomes a prerequisite to be installed manually. If installing directly via Setup.msi then the target machines must have .Net Framework version 4.5 installed.

Some basic software deployment tools such as Windows Group Policy Software Deployment only support the installation of MSI type files. If using this tool, then it is recommended to ensure that .Net Framework version 4.5 is installed on the target machines.

If using a software deployment and management tool such as Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) or similar, (which do allow the deployment of .exe type software or manually from a command line batch script or such like), we recommend deploying via Setup.exe having first configured the Read&Write installer using the MSI Admin Tool.

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