Read&Write for iPad

Does my iPad meet the system requirements for Read&Write for iPad

10/07/2017Texthelp Support
Read&Write for iPad requires the iOS 8 or higher  operating system to be installed on the iPad. If you're using an operating system lower than iOS 8 then sorry you will be unable to download the app from the App Store. ...

Can I use Read&Write for iPad in French

22/09/2017Texthelp Support 2
Oui! To use Read&Write for iPad in French , please do the following:   Go to the iPad Settings app     In Settings go to General > Language & Region   ...

No Sound When Using Read&Write for iPad

23/01/2018Texthelp Support 2
If you've enabled the Read&Write for iPad keyboard and there is no sound when using features to read text, etc. if Silent Mode is On , that will disable speech for the Read&Write for iPad keyboard.  On Newer iPads S...

Accessing the Take Home Version of Read&Write

11/06/2018Texthelp Support 2

What Does My Read&Write Subscription Include

24/01/2019Texthelp Support 2